October 11th Free Game Friday!


This week we picked newer games in light of last week’s give away, we have chosen Glare, Legend Of Dungeon and FEZ, all in the name of platformer. We like to pick fun games that can be related to by almost any gamer from children to adults and we have to say these all look […]

Valve Demonstrates The Upcoming Steam Controller

Steam Controller Demo Feature

Valve today released a video demonstrating how well the Steam Machine Controller will be able to perform in a number of different gaming styles, from the standard first person shooter to strategy to pure mouse driven games. From the look of it, I would say that we should have very little to worry about when […]

Total War Developer: “There is absolutely no reason” to not port to SteamOS

Total War Rome II Image

We can add one more developer to the growing list that has every intention to support Valveā€™s upcoming SteamOS, as Creative Assembly (they of Total War fame) brand director Rob Bartholomew recently stated that their intention was absolutely to support the platform. What is even better news, is the information that they feel the SteamMachine […]

Free Game Friday: Vote And Win


This week we picked three awesome games, State Of Decay, Ittle Dew and Bastion. These are all awesome games and while we wait for Steam OS to get released, lets give some stuff away. All you have to do is vote and comment which one you picked and what intrigues you. State Of Decay With […]

Valve Announces Prototype Steam Machine Specs


If you are part of the Steam Universe Group, then you are more than aware of the specs on this amazing evolution of gaming. For the past week people have been more than intrigued with what kind of power will be needed for the OS to run as well as push the games at their […]

Xi3 Piston: Packing A Big Punch This Holiday Season

Xi3 PISTON Console

Let it never be said that it is far too early to be thinking about what big purchases to make for the Holiday Season. In case the Halloween decorations and expanded candy aisle had not tipped you off to the idea that we will soon be entering Fall, the early Christmas set from your local […]

Steam OS Announced And Why We are Excited


Last Wednesday Valve Inc announced Steam OS, a Linux based OS that they boasted to play all of their games that are currently available. If you don’t understand the importance of what this means and may mean, let us take a moment to explain to you why it could affect your wallet and the industry […]